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*** DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS for SESSION 10 is Tuesday, Dec. 20!

FERMENTER at Gallery Protocol

FERMENTER is a studio residency program providing free studio space to artists working in Gainesville, Florida and the surrounding area. Selected participants have 24/7 access to our studio facilities for a period of 4 months. You can see our FAQ (below) for more information or submit an application here.


Dessarae Bassil
Matt Beach
Lexi Braun
Charlie Cummings
Micah Daw
Angela Deane
James Budd Dees
Lauren DeFilippo
Valeria Duque
Orlando Estrada
Kane Hambrick
Lisa Iglesias
Oliver James
Hannah Lewis
Josiah Lloyd
Ben Lusk
Stephanie Mack
Jenna Miller
Jessica Normington
Kyle Novak
Vanessa Ocaña-Mayor
Victor Perez
Evan Poirier
Diana Reichenbach
Dana Robinson
Soloman Sanders
Daniel Skelley
Patrick Smith
Matthew Whitehead
Omri Zin


what is FERMENTER? FERMENTER is an experimental artist’s community and studio residency program here in Gainesville, FL. It operates under the auspices of Gallery Protocol, a venue for contemporary visual arts.

what does FERMENTER do? FERMENTER provides free studio space (with 24/7 access) to local, emerging, visual artists, for a term of 4 months on a rotating basis.

what is FERMENTER's mission? i.e what's your motivation? Continuing with the fermentation theme, we hope that the small, engaged community of studio artists at FERMENTER can function as a leavening to help create a more dynamic, visual arts community in Gainesville and the surrounding area. As artists come into the space their knowledge, energy, and experience are incorporated into the mother dough of the community, enriching and enhancing its flavor. As they leave they take that energy -the active cultures they’ve accumulated during their stay- with them as a starter for their future endeavors as individuals and members of broader communities.

what do the artists get? Participating artists are provided studio space and access to a community of enthusiastic, sympathetic peers. Studios are individual but not private -they are designated as individual studio areas within a larger, open community space. Movable walls allow the artists have some control/flexibility in determining the layout of their individual areas and the space overall.

who can participate? FERMENTER is designed to make studio space available to local**, active visual artists who -for one reason or another- currently find themselves without a studio. Priority is given to young, emerging, or un-established artists who can use their time at FERMENTER to jumpstart their next big step -an upcoming exhibition, a new body of work, preparing a portfolio for graduate school, etc.

what are the expectations of the artists? Participating artists are expected to engage! -with their own practice, with one another, and with the broader community through participation in scheduled Open Studio Nights (which will occur approximately once a month). Open Studio means just that, and artists are not required to clean up or alter their studio arrangements other than to make themselves, their work, and their space available for people attending the open studio, who may want to peek in and ask you what you’re up to! In the most encompassing terms, it is expected that participating artists will be responsible, respectful, productive members of the FERMENTER studio “family”.

what qualifications should artists have? Artists must be serious, dedicated visual artists as demonstrated by a portfolio of recent work. They must have a community oriented disposition as determined by those making the artist selections through an interview process. They must be “local”. We do not currently have a geographic standard for this, but the artist must be “local” enough to make use of the studio several times a week and be present for Open Studio Night.

how many studios are available? / how many artists participate in FERMENTER at one time? we're currently set up to accommodate four artists per residency session

can I come visit FERMENTER and check out the space? FERMENTER is open to the public during scheduled Open Studio Nights or by appointment. Persons interested in visiting -either as potential applicants or just curious community members- can schedule an appointment by sending an email to: info@galleryprotocol.com, subject: FERMENTER visit.
Come on by, don't be shy!

when do the four month periods begin/end? there are three sessions a year. For the 2014-2015 "season" they are scheduled as follows (subject to change/revision):
Session 7: January - April
Session 8: May - August
Session 9: September - December

is there any actual fermentation, brewing, or baking involved? Nope, it's just a clever metaphor! ; ) (see "what is FERMENTER's mission?" above)

is there an application deadline? there are not currently any formal deadlines for application, but the more notice you can give us of your interest and intent the better. Use your common sense -once a session is booked, it's booked.

how do I apply? Persons interested in participating in FERMENTER can submit an application here.

And additional information and/or clarification is available through email at this address:
info@galleryprotocol.com, subject: FERMENTER

** for clarification see “artist qualifications” above