2029 NW 6th ST
Gainesville, FL 32605

Curated by Mike Calway-Fagen
Curatorial Assistant Jen Holt

Abigail Lucien, Alisha Kerlin + John Stoelting, Andrew Ross, Brandon Siscoe, Carol John, Christina Tsui, Christopher McNulty, Fidalis Buehler, Frances Trombly, Jason Brown, Katherine Miller, Kristina Estell, Lauren O’Connor-Korb, Louis Schmidt, Meredith Kooi, Michael Oliveri, Mitch Myers, Noah Doely, Preston Drum, SLINKO, Stephen Scheer, Trevor Amery, Trevor Reese, Vabianna Santos, Wade Kramm, Zachary Carlisle Davidson
With essay by Amanda Waterhouse

April 14–June 2, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 14, 7-11 PM

Gallery Protocol is pleased to present Blue in the face, an exhibition curated by Mike Calway-Fagen. From the curator:

Bringing together a large group of artists with diverse practices, Blue in the face explores blue as an unquantifiable quality. As a result, most work included is not blue in color but instead exudes the phenomena of blue, a presence that embodies urgency, ineffability, exasperation, and breathlessness; the what, how, when, and where this blue materializes, affects both human and nonhuman life, and the universe.

Blue is both an origin and a destination. It arouses desire, as well as reticence, even fear. Blue is the color of everything just before total darkness. It is dusk and dawn.

Through photography, performance, sculpture, painting, video, and site-responsive installation the exhibition examines blue as it appears across our cultural, historical, natural, and affective landscapes. Blue in the face explores blue, where it meets the eye of the individual and of time.

Please join us Friday, April 14 from 7 to 11 p.m. for an opening reception featuring an informal Artist Talk and a performance by participating artist Meredith Kooi.

Supported in part by Lamar Dodd School of Art and the Willson Center of Humanities and Arts of Athens, GA.
Special thanks to Jen Holt, curatorial assistant for Blue in the face.