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Waking Down - promo from galleryprotocol on Vimeo.

A performance and exhibition by artist Shana Robbins
with Alberto Roman, Scott Buck, Craig Martin Canedy, Anthony Walega, Orion Crook, and Stephanie Pharr
April 11 - May 14, 2014
Performance of Waking Down: Friday, April 11, 7:20-8:00pm
Opening Reception: Friday, April 11, 8:00-10:00pm

6:00 - doors open, open viewing of gallery exhibition
6:45 - musicians will begin to perform inside the gallery space
7:15 - musicians will lead audience members to the site of the performance
7:20 - performance of "Waking Down" will begin
8:00 - performance will conclude and reception will resume
10:00 - reception will conclude

"Waking Down" is comprised of both a gallery exhibition and performative event. The gallery exhibition will be open and on view beginning at 6:00pm. The performance of "Waking Down" will take place on the gallery grounds and will begin at approximately 7:20. In an effort to create the optimal environment for the performance we ask that those in attendance observe the following:

- If you arrive prior to the performance (prior to 7:15) please proceed directly to the gallery where you can view the exhibition and enjoy refreshments while you wait. If you arrive during or after the performance (after 7:20) you may proceed directly to the site of the performance.

- For purposes of limiting traffic on the property, we are requesting that those attending please park in either the "Superfun" parking lot (the old Doug's Dairy Twirl) or in the Cecile's or Sapp's parking areas (the two properties directly adjacent to Gallery Protocol, to the North and South respectively.)

- During and after the performance, audience participation is encouraged. Instructions will be provided as necessary!

- Please be aware that the performance will be video recorded, including possible footage of the audience. Audience members are also welcome (invited) to photograph, record, and/or document the performance.


Gallery Protocol is pleased to present Waking Down, an exhibition and performance by artist Shana Robbins. The focus of the exhibition will be the presentation of a new performative work (by the same name) scheduled to take place on April 11th, 7:00 - 8:00pm. Conceived by the artist as a ritualized “rite of spring” or symbolic rededication of the gallery and its grounds, the work incorporates musical compositions, costumes, sculptural objects, and large-scale earthworks - all composed or created specifically for the event - and will be realized by the artist with the assistance of a team of musicians, dancers, additional performers, and willing members of the audience. The accompanying gallery exhibition, on view April 11 - May 14, will feature a survey of objects and documentation from Robbins’ previous performances as well as residual objects and documentation from the performance event on April 11.

Shana Robbins is an Atlanta-based artist who combines studio with performance based practices to address traditions of shamanism through a contemporary lens. Focusing on roles, rites, and representations of the feminine within divergent spiritualist traditions, Robbins develops archetypes (characters) of female power which can then be enacted or invoked through the music, costuming and choreography of her intricate performances. These characters are specific - unique to Robbins’ private cosmology - yet infused by a sense of the universal as Robbins carefully mines cross-cultural sources in search of a feminist monomyth. What Joseph Campbell called “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, Robbins seeks to identify as the Heroine, or Healer with a Thousand Faces.

Below are photos from the Opening Performance: